The Globalization, Political Economy, Trade group is proposing different seminars:

Current Seminars

Seminar of Trade Economists in Paris (STEP)

This international economics seminar is aimed at doctoral students, post-docs and teaching researchers. It is financed by the Globalization Chair.

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GPET Internal Seminar

The GPET internal Seminar aims to provide a platform for PhD students and recent graduates in Globalisation (Trade, Migration, FDI) and Political Economy to present their research and receive feedback from other students and researchers. The seminar takes place over half a day and combines three presentations.

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Paris Migration Economics Seminar

The Paris Migration Economics Seminar is a bi-monthly lunch seminar which takes place on Mondays, from 12:30 to 13:30, at PSE (48 Boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris).

Most sessions consist of a one-hour presentation by an international researcher. Some sessions will be organised as short workshops with more than two speakers. The aim of this seminar series is to provide a forum for discussing high quality empirical and theoretical research on migration and population economics

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Paris trade seminar

The Paris trade seminar is a common seminar to the Paris School of Economics, INRA, Sciences Po and of the University Paris 1. The seminar takes place every two weeks on Tuesday, 2.30 pm to 4pm, rotating by semesters between the two PSE campuses and Sciences Po… Go to this seminar webpage

PEPES – Paris Empirical Political Economics Seminar

The Paris Empirical Political Economy Seminar is a monthly seminar series co-organized by the Department of Economics at Sciences Po and the Paris School of Economics. The PEPES seminar series is a forum for front-line research in applied political economy providing top international scholars in the field with the opportunity to present their work… Go to this seminar webpage

>> An online agenda is also available on the PSE website, that includes all the seminars, conferences, thesis defenses…