Holder: Anne-Celia Disdier (PSE / INRAE)

Funding: INRAE

Starting in: January 2020 – Ending in: December 2020

Integration policies for refugees in France

Holder:Hillel Rapoport (PSE / Univ. Paris 1)

Funding: Institut Convergences

Starting in: November 2019 – Ending in: April 2022

This project proposes to adopt an interdisciplinary perspective to analyze several channels that may promote the integration of refugees in the short term: (i) language training, (ii) reducing the administrative processing time for asylum applications, (iii) increasing financial assistance to refugees, (iv) increasing contacts between refugees on the one hand, and national citizens and social workers on the other.

Strategic game in political economy

Holder: Thierry Verdier (PSE / Ecole des Ponts)

Funding: Oxford Policy Management

Start in: October 2017 – Ending in: December 2021

This project aims to study the strategic interplay between autocratic power, military power and religious power.

Refugee Integration

Holder: Hillel Rapoport (PSE / Univ. Paris 1)

Funding: Direction générale des étrangers en France (DGEF)

Start in: September 2017 – Ending in: August 2021

In association with the Ministry of the Interior (DGEF) and associative partners, PSE carries out the survey on the “Origins and Perspectives of Refugees in France” (OPReF), the first large-scale survey on the itinerary, characteristics and integration prospects of refugees in France.

ANR Age Well Accounts – Well-being at Every Age and Transfer Accounts: An Assessment of Intergenerational Support

Holder: Hippolyte d’Albis (PSE / CNRS)

Funding: Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR)

Start in: November 2016 – Ending in: April 2021

This project aims to provide data and methods to evaluate intergenerational support institutions between European countries.

The Economics of Ethnic Prejudice

Holder: Ekaterina Zhuravskaya (PSE / EHESS)

Funding: European Research Council (ERC)

Start in: November 2015 – Ending in: October 2020

This project aims to fill this gap by endogenizing ethnic identity. We study how the identification of ethnic differences depends on the economic and social context and nation-building policies.